Gonzalo Guajardo

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Overall Review

550€-1250€ / Day *

* price varies according to location equipment and needs.

What services can I offer?


I’m an experienced shooter who feels comfortable working with small crews, easily handling camera, sound and light equipment.


I have done many types of photography, specializing on documentary, nature, architectural and events.


Being based in the East Africa for 10+years gave me the capacity to work in hostile environments and handle issues smoothly.

Top Client Reviews

Considering that the instability of the political situation was working against us, the footage ended up being really vibrant and polished. We got what we needed.
Population Reference Bureau
He brought up creative ideas and solved them quickly with an excellent team of professionals. We will hire him again without hesitation.
Imma Guixe
European Commission
He loves what he does, he is good at it, and he delivers pretty good and affordable stuff. It is always a pleasure to have him on board!
Biruk Feleke
EU for African Union




Rigs & others



Have you seen anything on my site that looks like what you want? Have you read my “About” page to better understand who I am? Does this align with what you’re looking for? If your project requires specific equipment, be sure to check my equipment list, though we can always rent something very specific if I don’t have it.

Reach me through the contact page. You should have an idea of you want, your budget, timeframe, location, etc. If not, I will help you sending you a brief with questions to narrow down your needs.

I handle payouts for my clients, taking care of compliance, KYC, and potential payment issues. We should agree on payment methodology prior to signing. I work upon milestones, which means that for the benefit of both you and I, percentual payments are done within completion of milestones. 

First, talk to me. We will try to solve it together. My reputation is my best card and I don’t want to let it go away. If we can’t solve it together,  getting stuck at some point, we can always bring a third party to ease our workflow. Needles to say that I never needed it so far.

There are two ways to reduce my daily rate:

  • Length of production: the more days we sign, the more we can negotiate.
  • Recurrent jobs:  clients who have worked with me before do get ocasional offers and discounts, based on the trust built along the years. However, I will try to adapt my budget and commitment to your current budget.