“Paper Boats” is a short drama (15 minutes) based on a few episodes of the memoir “How Long Can a Paper Boat Float?” written by the Ethiopian American artist, Abezash Tamerat. It is currently being developed into a feature.

  • “Omutibo” (KEN/ETH, 2018)

    “Omutibo” is a documentary short (27 min) which plunges into the roots of Western Kenyan music and honors its last living Luhya dry guitar players. Available on Amazon Prime.

  • “I’ve Seen So Much” (ETH, 2017)

    “I’ve seen So Much,” is an award-winning documentary short (5 min) celebrating the story of Sintayehu Tesale, a very unusual Ethiopian carpenter. Available on Amazon Prime.

  • “HOW WAS MY DAY?” (ETH, 2016)

    “How was my day?” is a short film that profoundly depicts the pressing issue of gender discrimination in Ethiopia and other parts of the world. Available for free on Vimeo.

  • “Misionero” (ETH, 2014)

    “Misionero” is a documentary short (27 min) that tells the story of  missionary Fr. Juan González Nuñez among the Gumuz in Ethiopia. Available for free on vimeo.

  • “Living Malawi” (MAL, 2010)

    “Living Malawi” is a collection of digital portraits and interviews that intends to give us a deeper insight into the daily lives and hopes of working class of Malawi.

  • Ethiopia, Cradle of Humankind

    Find a selection of some of snapshots that Gonzalo has been taking in Ethiopia in the past few years.

  • Travel Photography

    Random photography from places all around the world.