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Gonzalo Guajardo is a reliable filmmaker & photographer with 15+ years of experience, working with local crews that bring the knowledge and passion that your production needs to stand out.


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What services do I offer?


I’m an experienced shooter who feels comfortable working with small crews, adeptly handling camera, sound, and lighting.


I have experience in various types of photography, specializing in documentary, nature, architectural, and event coverage.


Being based in East Africa for 10+ years, I’ve developed the ability to work in challenging environments and handle issues with ease.


'Glocal' team.

Local & international crew

Our integrated team combines both local and international talent trained in harsh environments, providing unique approach while maintaining a state-of-the-art standard. 

Minimal impact

Our skeleton crew seamlessly integrate into the scene, prioritizing the safety of the environment and its people while ensuring the capture of high-quality footage and sound.

Insuranced team

Our budgets include a 5% security fund to provide present and future insurance and emergency needs for the team. Don’t stress about liablity, we are in charge of eventualities.

Commissioned Videos

Personal Projects

"Paper Boats" - USA

“Paper Boats” is a 15 min short based of the memoir “How Long Can a Paper Boat Float?” written by the Ethiopian American artist, Abezash Tamerat.

"Omutibo" - Kenya

“Omutibo” is a 27 min. documentary that plunges into the roots of Western Kenyan music and honors its last living Luhya dry guitar players.

"I've Seen so Much" - Ethiopia

A 5 min. piece on a carpenter with an undiagnosed disease that left him able to move only his feet, yet he saws lumber, pours juice and has a family.

"How Was My Day" - Ethiopia

“How was my day?” is a 3 min short that profoundly depicts the pressing issue of gender discrimination in Ethiopia and other parts of the world.

"Misionero" - Ethiopia

"Misionero” is a 27 min. documentary that tells the story of the Comboni missionaries through the testimony of Fr. Juan González Nuñez among the Gumuz people in Ethiopia.

"Living" - Malawi

This collection comprises digital portraits and interviews, aiming to provide a profound glimpse into the daily lives and aspirations of the working class in Malawi.






Top Client Reviews

"His help has been invaluable for our trip and we very much appreciate the support he has given, the flexibility he has demonstrated and the speed he worked at."
Felicity Read
Mary's Meals International
"He generated creative ideas and efficiently solved them alongside an excellent team of talented professionals. We will not hesitate to hire him again in future assingments."
Imma Guixe
European Commission
"He has a genuine passion for his work, excels at his craft, and consistently delivers high-quality and affordable results. It is always a pleasure to have Gonzalo on board!"
Biruk Feleke
EU for African Union


Get answers to the most frequently asked question regarding hiring, payments, workflow and more.

Firstly, take a moment to review my portfolio on the website. Does any of the work showcased align with your vision? Additionally, I recommend reading the “About” page to gain a better understanding of my background and approach. It’s crucial to ensure that our styles and goals align. If your project requires specific equipment, please consult my equipment list. However, rest assured that if I don’t have a particular item, we can always explore the option of renting it to meet your needs.

To initiate the hiring process, please reach out to me through the contact page on the website. Prior to contacting, it’s helpful to have a clear idea of your requirements, including your desired outcome, budget, timeframe, location, and any other pertinent details. If you need assistance in narrowing down your needs, I can provide a brief questionnaire with targeted questions to help streamline the process.

  • Payment can be made through wire transfer, credit card, or paypal, As part of my commitment to compliance, I handle Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and address any potential payment issues. Prior to signing any agreement, we should agree on the preferred payment method
  • I work on a milestone-based payment system to ensure mutual convenience and satisfaction. Payments are made as a percentage of the project’s completion at each milestone. This approach allows for transparency and progress assessment throughout the project.

In the event of an issue, the first step is to communicate with me directly. We will work together to find a solution. As my reputation is of utmost importance, I am committed to resolving any concerns promptly. However, if we are unable to reach a resolution, we can consider involving a third party to facilitate the workflow. It is worth noting that this step has never been necessary in my experience.

Yes, there are two ways to reduce my daily rate:

  • Length of production: The more days we commit to, the more room we have for negotiation regarding the daily rate.
  • Recurrent jobs: Clients who have worked with me before may receive occasional offers and discounts based on the trust built over the years. However, I am always willing to adapt my budget and commitment to align with your current budget.

Special offer for new clients: As a token of appreciation for reaching this far, new clients can mention the code “NEWCLIENT10” after receiving their first quote. By doing so, I will apply a 10% discount to their very first job.