Gonzalo Guajardo – ሻሎ አሸናፊ



Hey there!

Those three red points above represent the places where you’ll usually find me. The most convenient way to reach out to me is by writing an email or filling out the form, and I’ll respond as soon as I receive it. If I happen to be on a shoot or outside of regular business hours, please allow for a response time of approximately 24-48 hours.

If you are considering hiring my services, we can proceed through my agency, which ensures efficient handling of your needs, project follow-up, payment and tax management, insurance coverage, and facilitates smooth communication between you and me. Alternatively, we can also establish an independent contract if you prefer. Both options work for me.

I’m eager to hear your story!

Email: gonzalo [dot] avpro [at] gmail[dot] com

First and last time time I grow a moustache... Promised.