I am normally moving between Spain, Ethiopia & the US. If I am shooting or spending time with my family, that is sacred and I won’t interrupt it! But I promise a smooth, clear and fast communication flow. The easiest way to reach me is by writing an email or filling out the form below, and I will reply to you during working hours the following day at the latest:

gonzalo [dot] avpro [at] gmail[dot] com

If you wish to hire me, I usually like to work under a safe intermediary networking company known as Storyhunter, which monitors clients’ needs, follows up ongoing projects, handles payments & taxes, and keeps the communication flow between me, the service provider, and production houses. Even though not mandatory, if you wish to benefit from this site’s services, you can hire me through their platform by clicking here or by sending me an email with your specific inquiry.

I’m looking forward to hearing what’s in your mind!