Gonzalo Guajardo – ሻሎ አሸናፊ




Narrative Short

Year: 2019
Country: US, Ethiopia, Spain
Genre: Drama
Length: 15 minutes
Language: English and Amharic

“Paper Boats” is a short drama (15 minutes) based on a few episodes of the memoir “How Long Can a Paper Boat Float?” written by the Ethiopian American artist, Abezash Tamerat. It is currently being developed into a feature.

The story unfolds both in the US and Ethiopia between the 1980s and today, depicting the struggles, defeats and triumphs of the main character during her childhood in Ethiopia, her departure to the US, dramatic events as a teenager, life with a new family and trip back to Ethiopia.

Paper Boats is the tale of someone who lost her childhood and tries to find her place in the world. It’s a story of love conquering hatred against all the odds.

It was partially funded thanks to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. To know more about the movie, visit its own Website or IMDB page.