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It’s never about the gear you’ve got, but the skills you’ve invested in learning.

Gonzalo Guajardo



Learn to document like a pro.

Throughout my 15+ years of consulting for NGOs in developing countries, I encountered incredible projects that lacked proper visual documentation. Knowing that those moments are gone forever, I focused on empowering NGO staff to capture compelling on-the-ground images.

That’s why I created this accessible online documentary filmmaking masterclass, supplemented by virtual and physical training sessions for those striving not only to learn the basics, but to excel in this field.

And always remember, it’s not about the latest toy you’ve purchased; the essence lies in the skills you acquire along the journey.

What kind of trainings are currently available?

online masterclass

Pre-recorded sessions covering the fundamentals of filmmaking to be watched at your own pace. Storytelling techniques, cinematography, and editing, crafted through +10 engaging cinematically shot lessons. From pre-production to post-production, this will empower you to create compelling narratives that resonate.

virtual live sessions

Real-time guidance and personalized mentorship. Explore diverse storytelling approaches, refining your vision through interactive sessions. Discover the art of interviewing, visual composition, and the nuances of capturing authentic moments, enhancing your skills while engaging directly with an industry professional.

on-site training

Hands-on journey through the world of documentary filmmaking. Work in a dynamic environment, honing practical skills in camera work, sound recording, and direction. From location scouting to post-production, elevate your craft through experiential learning, fostering creativity and technical expertise in a collaborative setting.

Interested in production services instead?

I specialize in crafting short documentaries from inception to final cut. With a dedicated team of professionals, I ensure your story is told compellingly. This includes shaping the script, on-location filming, and delivering state-of-the-art editing. Find out more here.

Firstly, take a moment to review my portfolio on the website. Does any of the work showcased align with your vision? Additionally, I recommend reading the “About” page to gain a better understanding of my background and approach. It’s crucial to ensure that our styles and goals align. If your project requires specific equipment, please consult my equipment list. However, rest assured that if I don’t have a particular item, we can always explore the option of renting it to meet your needs.

To initiate the hiring process, please reach out to me through the contact page on the website. Prior to contacting, it’s helpful to have a clear idea of your requirements, including your desired outcome, budget, timeframe, location, and any other pertinent details. If you need assistance in narrowing down your needs, I can provide a brief questionnaire with targeted questions to help streamline the process.

  • Payment can be made through wire transfer, credit card, or paypal, As part of my commitment to compliance, I handle Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and address any potential payment issues. Prior to signing any agreement, we should agree on the preferred payment method
  • I work on a milestone-based payment system to ensure mutual convenience and satisfaction. Payments are made as a percentage of the project’s completion at each milestone. This approach allows for transparency and progress assessment throughout the project.

In the event of an issue, the first step is to communicate with me directly. We will work together to find a solution. As my reputation is of utmost importance, I am committed to resolving any concerns promptly. However, if we are unable to reach a resolution, we can consider involving a third party to facilitate the workflow. It is worth noting that this step has never been necessary in my experience.

Yes, there are two ways to reduce my daily rate:

  • Length of production: The more days we commit to, the more room we have for negotiation regarding the daily rate.
  • Recurrent jobs: Clients who have worked with me before may receive occasional offers and discounts based on the trust built over the years. However, I am always willing to adapt my budget and commitment to align with your current budget.

Special offer for new clients: As a token of appreciation for reaching this far, new clients can mention the code “NEWCLIENT10” after receiving their first quote. By doing so, I will apply a 10% discount to their very first job.