Gonzalo Guajardo – ሻሎ አሸናፊ




Documentary Short

Year: 2014
Country: Ethiopia, Spain
Genre: Anthropology
Length: 27 minutes
Language: Spanish

Misionero” is a documentary short (27 min) that tells the story of  missionary Fr. Juan González Nuñez among the Gumuz in Ethiopia. 

This film is based on the life of Fr. Juan González Nuñez, Comboni missionary established in Ethiopia in 1976, who has lived many years among the Gumuz, an ethnic group that has historically been abandoned and neglected by the rest of the Ethiopians just for the darker color of their skins.

In this documentary, we’ll see what’s the meaning of being a missionary in Africa: their daily activities, their basic trident of health, education and mission, the challenges they face while working on field, as well as other anthropological aspects of the tribes and the way missionaries enter in contact with new cultures.

Fr. Nuñez is well known in Ethiopia and is to be considered one of the Spanish authors with more knowledge of Ethiopia, having published several articles and books about the country.

The film lasts 27 minutes and is available for free. You can watch it here.