“Omutibo” (KEN/ETH, 2018)

“Omutibo” is a documentary short (27 min) which plunges into the roots of Western Kenyan music and honors its last living Luhya dry guitar players. Available on Amazon Prime.

Trailer of Omutibo

Omutibo allows to learn about their historical and cultural journey through the deepest of the almost disappeared traditional Western Kenyan music, hand-in-hand with French-American musician Cory Seznec, who sets up shop to interview Kenyan legends John Nzenze, Shem Tube and Johnstone Mukabi.

The film has shown in many festivals, winning 2 best documentary awards, and is now available on Amazon Prime Video, in the US, UK, Japan, and Germany. Click on the image below to watch it:

Should you be in another country, please contact us for a password to see this film which has shown in more than 30 festivals worldwide winning numerous awards.

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