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Gonzalo Guajardo in EthiopiaAlways dedicated to the image field, Gonzalo started working with videos quite early during his childhood, when he discovered his love for movies, making several short films with his friends. He was soon concerned that he should dedicate his life to this field.

He had the chance to start traveling around the globe quite soon since he was thirteen, becoming Interested in the study of human beings as a whole, and finding through personal experiences that “humans are in essence the same, in spite of different socio-cultural realities“. Born in Spain, Gonzalo got a degree in Audiovisual Communications & Liberal Arts and continued his higher education in the USA and Central Europe, where he could explore new fields of photography, mainly architectural and entertainment. Soon after his first degree, Gonzalo decided to combine his professional career as a freelance with a new field of study: Anthropology. He holds a masters of Documentary photography and an MA in Filmmaking by the New York Film Academy, as a beneficiary of the Talentia scholarship program.

Gonzalo has spent the last six years in Ethiopia, been also involved in the cooperation field and learning every day something new about the Horn of Africa and its people. His projects in Ethiopia are many: he worked as a teacher; he is a founder of VIHVE NGO; he is involved in active tourism as a way to develop the country´s economy. He´s become a member of the Al Jazeera (AJ+)´s partner storyhunter TV and also publishes in Travel Magazines. He has contributed to Spanish based ABC newspaper and has provided news to TV group AtresMedia. After working for Tamesol Communications on the show Question & Answer as a cinematographer, and for Eminence Social Entrepreneurs heading the Media & Communications Department, he decided recently to start on his own working for different NGOs and companies, working for international audiovisual projects, such as France´s TV5Monde, Japan´s NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) TV or Spanish´s Movistar 0+. He is a judge of the New York City Short Documentary Film Festival  and during his spare time, he blogs about his impressions to raise public awareness about the Ethiopian reality.

He has made an individual itinerant exhibition: “Etiopía, la Inocente Mirada”, which was part of a collective performance at Madariaga Foundation and participated in a collective book of photographs published by Santander Foundation. He has published two collective fiction books and among his awards stands out the national TV channel prize of  TVE photo contest.

In 2019, Gonzalo adapted and directed a short film, named Paper Boats, based on the memoir written by Ethiopian American artist, Abezash Tamerat. They are both currently developing the full-lentgh feature of the same project.  

Gonzalo is fluent in Spanish, English and Amharic and conversational Italian and French.

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