Reportage: A Quite Unusual Carpenter

A man who has overcome disability and built with his feet an admirable life as a carpenter and as a father of 6 children in Ethiopia. Please activate subtitles in the CC button at the lower right corner of the video.


Sintayehu is an amazing man. He is a carpenter. He has a father of 6. He has traveled to many countries apart from Ethiopia, where he currently lives. And much more things that might seem normal, but which they´re not when we talk of a man who makes everything… with his only feet.

This project tries to show in a video format how the courage of this man can help others to overcome minor major problems in their lives. Sintayehu teaches us that no disability can make us small and powerless if we do not want to. He did not want and the result will be seen in this short doc video by the mid of 2014.

Sintayehu is specialized in chairs. He has done different kinds of furniture and is able to do from bed and wardrobes to shelves and tables. However, he is specialized in benches, being able to make from 10 to 20 per day, performing the whole process by himself.

This platform is meant to be also a gateway for others to help Sintayehu. He is in need of some tools to better perform his job. If you´re willing to help him, please contact Gonzalo to let him know.

See some of the pics and get amazed by yourself.