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Beautiful Places Around the World | Gonzalo Guajardo

Places & Others

Places, Entertainment, Fashion, Weddings…

Travelling and meeting new cultures has always been one of the author´s main tasks.

He will publish the pictures of those places where he found a story to be told and shared.

Click on the photo album that you´d like to see to watch them full size
Venice   -   Budapest 
VENICE (Italy)                         BUDAPEST (Hungary)

Prague   -   Ausswitz
PRAGUE (Czech Republic)                AUSSWITZ (Poland)

Cairo   -   Santiago de Compostela
CAIRO (Egypt)                          SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (Spain) 


 Modelling Ethiopia - Selamawit 
 MODELLING Series (Ethiopia)

 La vuelta   -   Archa Theatre Concerts (Prague

 LA VUELTA (Spanish Cycle Race)        ARCHA THEATRE CONCERTS (Prague)

 Swearing-in Ceremony        Flamenco Charity Concert


 Weddings       Belenypablo

WEDDINGS (Spain)                       BELÉN & PABLO ALBUM